Reflective Dog Collars Can Protect Your Dog

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Pets are one of the most cherished parts of our life. They make a home and a family complete. And when the pet is a dog, you need to have some sort of protective backup for your dear doggy. It is impossible for an owner to be with the dog always; this was realized by pet accessory designers and they came up with the unique reflective dog collar.

Reflective Dog Collar

The reflective collar works on the simple principle of reflection of light which falls on it. The collar in its basic nature is same and is just ‘coated' or amalgamated with a reflecting surface that does the needful. The reflection by the collar is a great innovation which makes sure that your dog remains at a same distance from oncoming traffic, in the event of it having run away from home or even strayed onto the streets.

What to Look for?

When you get a new pet or even have one at your home, make sure that you buy one of these to protect your dog from the unforeseen. There are many varieties of the same available in the market. For instance, look for ones which are not too rigid on the dog's neck. Otherwise there are chances that the collar might suffocate your dog. Depending on the girth of your dog's neck, go for a reflecting collar that fits snugly on its neck. Another important thing to take care of is the property itself because of which you bought the collar in the first place.

That is its reflective property. Now, the longevity of reflectors is also a reason for concern; there are some types of reflectors which use simple reflective paint. Some other types of reflecting surfaces are actually high density, but flexible plastics that can be wrapped around the neck of your dog. Quite naturally, the flexible polymeric reflecting collar would last you longer than the paint which is susceptible to chipping off when handled roughly. These flexible reflecting bands have virtually infinite life as they can withstand any type of handling and weather. Though they come a tad costlier than its ‘painted' counterpart, they are worth the money. In fact, many pet experts claim them to be like an investment rather than being expenditure.

Your pet can be saved from the dangers of oncoming traffic as the person behind the wheel will see something shiny and reflecting in front of them! That will undoubtedly make them slow down and you could tell their ‘thinking' by seeing the pattern of their driving hence. Leave alone accidents and vehicles slowing down, the reflective collar would also save you the harassment of trying to find your pet dog in the bushes and that too in the thick of the night. Light from the torch when falls on the reflecting collar would surely guide the master to the dog and hence save you your sleep and cozy moments in the bed! The reflecting dog collar is a must have for your pet dog!

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Reflective Dog Collars Can Protect Your Dog

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This article was published on 2010/10/25