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You will need to get at least two collars. One should be just a simple buckle collar, and the other should be the dog training collar. The training collar is the one that you will use for your "training" time together.

These collars come in a huge range of sizes, particularly the exclusive designs: from 7" to 27". Every collar is backed with durable nylon webbing and solid black plastic adjusters and quick-release buckles with metal d-rings. The stitching is well reinforced and stands up well to tugging.

Everyone should get a buckle collar, and deciding which one is strickly a personal preference. Just pick what you like! Dog collar choices are many so take your time and get something you really like, and maybe even match your pups personality.

It seems that almost everything gets called a dog training collar, even if it is not a collar. It is common to see a dog harness listed under descriptions of dog training collars, but they are not really collars. However, dog harnesses are alternatives to training collars, (so maybe that is why they get listed).

Always keep in mind when buying dog collars, that the regulations which manufacturers have to follow when researching, producing and marketing their products are not uniform internationally. You can also read other reviews of collars for additional information.

The collar size or the multiple stimulation level must match to the dog?s temper. Stimulation level must be according to the size of the dog. If the stimulation is too weak, smaller dogs may not respond to your call. Personally I have Golder Retrievers. My oldest girl is 3 and so mild mannered, you can't believe it. To use a prong collar on her would be absurd...She walks like a champ, prancing along side you with a perfect gate. My other girl is a wild child, and to this point I cannot walk her comfortably with a buckle collar...but she walks amazingly well with the prong type. The same breed...different temperaments. Do not be afraid to use a prong collar. The prongs are usually shielded to prevent any damage to the dog...but when you jerk it in a corrective way, they DO pay attention...As I have said before, consistency is key, and WALK YOUR DOGS....They will not learn if we don't teach!

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Dog Collar Choices

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This article was published on 2010/03/28