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There was a time when no one had ever heard of 'pet fashion'. Who knew what designer dog beds, designer dog clothes, or designer dog collars were? In today's world, after numerous studies, testimonials and the like, it has been proven that having a pet, particularly one of the dog variety, is conducive to all around better heath and welfare.

With the ever increasing importance put on one's pet, dog owners in particular, are always on the hunt for the latest in dog design ware- this includes the dog collar.

Most everyone has heard of fashion week in New York city; if you haven't, it's one of the most anticipated weeks of the year where all major clothes designers parade their latest wares. Makes perfect sense, right? There is a need after all, to know what will be 'hot' for next season. What if I told you that for the last three years, New York City has hosted pet fashion week? Where over a period of two days, all the latest in "poochie couture" is showcased? One gets to see what all the rage in doggie clothes, collars, leashes, and products (feeding bowls, carriers, to name a few) are.

Don't kid yourself into thinking that by buying the very popular designer dog collar, your dog will suddenly develop superhero power and run off and save the planet. Designer dog collars are no different than any other dog collar (except the purposeful chain collar). They are generally a piece of material that fits around your dog's neck like all other dog collars on the market. And, like all other previous nondescript dog collars, its function is to hold tags for identification (and possible medication alerts) and control (both manually and with the leash) your dog.

Some would argue that designer dog collars are a complete waste of money and a narcissistic, silly indulgence in your dog. However, for those that hold their dogs in the highest esteem and treat them like members of the family, they don't think designer dog collars are absurd at all. If dog fashion is your thing, it's probably the least expensive way to treat [yourself] and your dog without breaking the bank- though, if that's the way you really want to go, you can purchase a Louis Vuitton dog collar for hundreds of dollars.

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Designer Dog Collars

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This article was published on 2010/03/28